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My name is Kayla Mayer. I post my artwork here. I'm a recently graduated illustrator in Portland. My current convention schedual includes Sakuracon, Anime Revolution, and Rose City Comicon. Feel free to email me: kmayer@pnca.edu
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Sketch Daily- Tiger
Tiny monsters on the windowsill admire the sunset.
This print is debuting at Orycon this weekend! Also, if you like this work support me in a contest. I need your vote, no need to enter your email: http://www.fluevog.com/code/fc_finalists.php

I’m a finalist for the Fluevog design contest this week! 7 days, and your votes stand between me and victory. So I need you a lot! 
I will be posting this about twice a day to try and reach everyone with the will to help. Thank you!!
A small preview of an illustration I did for planned parenthood. 
Idea: The promise that Advertising makes is very different than the reality it gives us.
Memory: The self we construct with objects is as unstable as the object itself.
Overwhelmed: We shame hoarders while praising our own collections.
Loss: We cling to objects so we do not suffer their loss, although we are no less human without them.
Object itself: The quality of future reward that we hope for from objects.
This image came out of my love for background design in animation. I’ve been trying to learn how use light and mood in my free time. 
About me 3/16: I take inspiration for my work heavily from animated works. Ideas of weight, narrative, and character heavily drive everything I make.
2-week project for illustration. In film, nuns are usually limited to being connected to sex and violence. 
This originally debuted at Emerald City Comicon! I’ve always wanted to do a zelda fan piece, but I find it difficult to sum up all my feelings into one image. I am really fascinated by the the idea of these three characters intertwined by fate to constantly struggle for power through multiple reincarnations. 
Second of my about my pieces: I love this game, and will follow nintendo to the ends of the earth just to play it.
A pattern like dreamscape, in which a little girl looses her flipflop while falling from the sky.